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How to make myself look better

Hello hello!

Don't be scared, this is my face whitout any make up! I'm looking very empty... I don't really like it, haha! I think it's very ugly.

The next steps, are the steps I have to take every day, before I go to school/work. I don't wear a lot of make up, but I have to make myself look better..

1. First, I put on some cream.

2. I make a knot of my hair - I've got long hair and it's very annoying if it's falling in front of my eyes while putting op my mascara.

If my hair get dry when it's in a very chaotic knot, it'll have more volume the rest of the day. Okay, not the whole day. Only an hour or so. My hair is very stubborn :(

3. I put some mascara on my lashes. This is the first layer, more layers will follow. The mascara and my face cream will need some time to soak in. Meanwhile I'll eat, dress up, get bored..

4. I'm using a stick to cover all my red spots & my dark circles underneath my eyes. I definitely hate those dark circles!

5. I put on my liquid foundation. Looks very funny, huh? Haha, everyone makes fun of me when they see me doing this...

6. After spreading out the foundation, I'll undo the knot and pray for some volume...

7. I put more mascara on, it depends on my day. If I'm going out, I'll use more layers, if I'm not, I'll use only one more. Then I'll put on some eyeliner. This also depends on my day :)

I never use lipgloss. Vaseline is my hero, I don't get the glittery, sticky, smelly gloss. That doesn't mean I don't like lips with a little gleam on them. I just don't like my lips with lipgloss on it. My hair get stuck on it with every wind blow... No, Vaseline is enough. It takes care of my dry lips and makes them soft!

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