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Shred & Studs

Today I've been to the Efteling, a Themepark in the Netherlands. The whole park is about fairytales, like Hansel & Gretel, Cinderella, Snow-white... Very funny! I'm definitely in love with them, because all fairytales have a 'hidden message'.
Actually, fairytales are very crual. In every fairytale somebody (nearly) dies, and in every fairytale there is one person very bad... Take The Wolf and 7 kids & Little Red Riding Hood for example. The Wolf is very, very bad. I'm not that attatched to wolves, after those stories...

This is Mother Goat, from the 'Wolf and the 7 kids'. Haha, have you ever seen a goat with clothes on? Very stylish..

Well, as you all guys can guess: this is The Wolf. Mean person! Wolves in fairytales are always bad.. I don't like him. I think it's good that his stomach was ripped open by Mommy Goat!

Hansel & Gretel! The house was very sweet, but not as in made of sweets. I want to see a real sweethouse ones! But I prefer one without a witch that wants to eat me and my boyfriend..

This is me, very ugly. The sunglasses are my mom's. They're from London, I don't know exactly. I like them, although they don't look that good on me. You can't see it on the picture, but it has a leopardprint on it.

& with a Land Rover. My dad is completely in love with all kinds of them, so I had to take a picture of me and the zebra car!

The last picture is taken at "Fata Morgana". It's kind of Egyptian..
I'm wearing a shredded tee, a black top of H&M (my sisters, I suppose), a studded belt from H&M, a skirt from Lady Sting and shoes from Bruxelles - I can't remember the name of the shop..

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