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Yesterday was my birthday! My happy sweet sixteeeeen. I'm allowed to drink alcohol in Europe now, hihaaaa.
My big present: an Olympus E-420. Yes, it's my property! I still can't believe it! It's soooo gorgeous.

All day long I've had visitors, it was very fun!

It's a really tiny baby buggy, isn't it? Haha, I found it very cute. It was only €5,-! But it hasn't any use, only looking at it.

This is the biggest sandwich I've ever seen! Haha, I couldn't resist taking a picture.

Me and a friend - it's kind of a weird picture, isn't it?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Bedankt voor je reactie, nog gefeliciteerd!
    Oh, je moet trouwens nou dat stukje over jezelf veranderen, daar staat nog dat je 15 bent, haha!

  2. aw happy bday! But where r u allowed to drink alcohol in europe? I thought it was 18 most places?