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4 facts for today.

1. I completely failed my economic test today. Think it will be a F. So that kind of sucks.. But we'll see!

2. It's getting warmer everyday, with tiny bits. Today it's 11 degrees!

3. I think Taylor Momsen is gorgeous :) I love her grunge style, her voice, her face, everything. So down below you found a video of her Covershoot at Teen Vogue. I really love her quote at the end: "If you wanna be original, don't try to be original, because as soon as you really try to be different, you look like everyone else." She's clever, right?

4. I'm thinking about quitting this blog to start a whole different and new one. Don't worry, I will keep blogging, but I'm just not happy with the way my blog is right now. I want more variation, pictures, music, video's, and I don't want to start all over on my own.. so I need a soulmate! And... I've found one! She's (yes, it's a she) one of my best, best friends, I love her. I think we can rock if we started together. It's only the question when we'll start. - So stay tuned, you'll see :)!!

17 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik ben nu al benieuwd naar je nieuwe blog!
    & Je outfit is leuk, hou van de rok! ♥

    xxx. Rikst.

  2. i'm loving that blue skirt so much! you styled it wonderfully. and that's awesome that you might be starting a blog with your friend! can't wait to see how that turns out :)

  3. je hebt een hele leuke stijl! (:
    en taylor momsen is geweldig hihi.

  4. Nice blog.
    permission to put on my site?


  5. Lovely skirt.

    I like Taylor very much too.

  6. mooie foto's! leuk rokje ook.
    en jij bent echt een mooi meisje, vind ik.

  7. i love the whloe outfit.
    so nice!

    visit my blog if you can :)

  8. Schattig! Mag ik vragen waar je rokje van is en hoe lang geleden je hem hebt gekocht? :)

  9. I love that skirt - I love, love love the color <3

  10. haha ja inderdaad, de wereld is klein!
    en taylor momsen!! <3

    nee, ik haal mijn foto's van tumblr! :]

    p.s. er ging net iets fout bij mijn vorige comment, ik had de eerste perongeluk verwijdert dus toen had ik een nieuwe geschreven, haha. niet dat je dadelijk denkt 'wat is dat voor raar kind, twee keer bijna dezelfde comment! :P'