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Felt kind of grungy yesterday. I liked it.

I'm so out of inspiration right know. All I want to do is shoppingshoppingshopping, but well.. I don't have the money. It sucks - I NEED money. Well, 'need' sounds so spoiled. I mean; i want money
I want new cardigans, especially a long, black one.
I want new skirts, especially.. well I don't know. I just need, uh, want, a new one.
I want a new black pants.
I want a new, cute, flower-printed dress.
I want a pair of new boots. I prefer black ones.
I want a body, one with florals all over.
I want a white, sheer tee.
I want a HUGE sweater, that I can wear as a dress.
I want (!!) floral tights/floral legging....

Well, I want too much. Tell me if you know where I can get this (not all, I'm happy with 1 tip!)!

Today I'm going to the Christmas Winter Circus. Hope it 'll be fun, I'll let you know!

10 opmerkingen:

  1. mooie outfit!
    Je hebt echt een hele leuke stijl!
    Ik ga je volgen.

  2. I love your skirt, and adore your boots!
    Great outfit!

    xo Caitlin

  3. lovely skirt
    I want lots of new CLOTHES ! :)

  4. Leuke outfit! Mooie schoenen vooral!
    ik wil ook alijd teveel, al laat mijn budget dat helaas niet altijd toe ;)

  5. Wauw hele leuke combi weer !! Ik vind jouw style heel leuk !

  6. Je wou deze week niet naar de primark ! Het was drama, ik was er om half 10 al ! en CHAOS alles was een zooi, er was bijna geen leuke kleding, alle kleine maatjes weg, schoenen weg echt erg haha ! Ik ga normaal ook nooit in school vakanties vandaar.. Maar normaal vind ik het inderdaad een super leuke winkel

  7. Nice, nice outfit and blog!
    Kiss from Spain!

  8. you look so lovely in those boots and that striped sweater. i'm constantly craving clothes too but i think i spent way too much in the past three months.
    good luck finding all of the things you want :) check out forever 21 for almost everything for cheap!

  9. Wauw leuke combi =]
    Ik ben jaloers op je schoenen <3